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A little bit of the Shire will be coming to Salt Lake City this September with the announcement of Elijah Wood as a guest at Salt Lake Comic Con’s annual fall convention.

Wood is an acclaimed actor, voice actor, producer and DJ best known for his role as the hobbit Frodo Baggins in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy films. The film series won 17 total academy awards and walked away from the global box office with nearly $3 billion.

This isn’t Wood’s first trip to Salt Lake City, though. The star set his sights on the city in 2014 for a visit to FantasyCon to act as DJ for the event’s kick-off party. This, however, will be the first time he comes to mingle with fans, including participating in a panel, photo ops and autograph signing opportunities.

“(Elijah Wood) has been somebody we wanted to have for a long time,” said Dan Farr, Salt Lake Comic Con’s founder and Show Producer. “He’s very rare, kind of, on the comic con appearance circuit. In fact, for the time that we’ve been doing these conventions we’re only aware of one other convention appearance that he’s done over the last four years or so.”

According to Farr, his appearance is a pretty big coup for the Salt Lake convention, and it’s directly related to the fans who have supported it.

“It really has to do with the great reputation of the con,” he said. “Managers and celebrities all talk well of the con and its fan support.”

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Last week we shared with you our interview with Mpho Koaho and Fiona Dourif from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency while at San Diego ComicCon. This week, we here at ThreeIfBySpace.net are giving you an exclusive look at the transcript from our interview with Elijah Wood (Todd Brotzman) and Samuel Barnett (Dirk Gently).

Q:  Were you blown away by the scripts for season 2?

Elijah: Yes. Yes.

Samuel: Actually more so even than season 1. In season 2, the characters are deeper and richer, the storylines are crazier, but easier to follow. It’s where we all go, who we all become, the journey we get to go on because it’s slightly longer with 10 episodes. It’s even deeper. It’s great.

Q: You’ve both worked with some geniuses in your career. How would you describe working with Max Landis, with the lines and situations he give you to do?

Samuel: Well, he’s original.

Elijah: And he’s brilliant. He’s really brilliant. I’ve never met anyone like him, I don’t know anyone who has a mind that works the way his works. And for us as actors, we could talk about this on so many levels, but simply on a character level, he’s written really rich characters with extraordinary dialogue. He makes it so easy for us. He does so much of our work in a way.

Samuel: It’s all on the page.

Elijah: It’s there. There’s a rhythm to the way that writes dialogue that I’ve never encountered that I find really challenging and fun. In fact, if you follow that rhythm, it feels like the voice of the character.

Samuel: He writes, this is going to sound weird, but he writes Dirk as a British man. It’s really distinctly different in the words he uses to the American characters. It really is. It’s like a British writer’s written it.

Elijah: Hobbes’ (Tyler Labine) text sounds like Tyler’s version of Hobbes. My text sounds like Todd. It’s very, very specific. So that’s one aspect of working with Max.

Samuel: That’s one aspect. And he has original thought. He has original ideas. Which is so hard these days. And not only does he take things and have an original twist on them, but has original things that have never been seen before.

Elijah: Except for in this new season. But it feels like the show, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, is, and it felt like this in the first season, but even more so now that we get to go back and continue exploring the characters in new scenarios, it’s a big sandbox for him. It’s a creative sandbox. Where BBC America has given him license to explore his imagination. And we get to articulate that. That’s really what we’re doing. And it’s wonderful. It fills him with no end of enthusiasm, but everyone else working on the show. The art department to the costumes to us as actors getting to fulfill these things. We’re all working in this ridiculous, really fun sandbox that is of Max’s mind.

Samuel: Max’s mind as sandbox. Go with that.  Take 2.

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The actor talks VR game Transference, Jeremy Corbyn, and My Dad Wrote a Porno

Elijah Wood, the Hollywood actor best known for his role as Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, has a high horror threshold. He’s describing a new video game he’s worked on as “a little unsettling”. Less hardened players have said the virtual reality thriller Transference is scarier than that. At its E3 debut gamers were left swearing in shock and needed to decompress afterwards.

Speaking on the phone, Wood sounds relaxed but chooses his words carefully. The game, he explains thoughtfully, is about a man called Raymond Hayes, whose brain research lets you experience other people’s consciousness. In the demo, the Oculus Rift headset transports players into the glitching brain map of a post-traumatic stress disorder sufferer, exploring a creaky house where interactive objects unlock sometimes visceral traumatic memories.

It’s not what you expect from a former hobbit. But Wood, 36, has moved on — the American actor is now using his star power to back cult horror films and explore the genre’s untapped potential in virtual reality.

Fresh from cult film hits such as A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and The Greasy Strangler, Transference marks the first VR game from Wood’s production company Spectrevision .

The game is the fruit of a collaboration with publisher Ubisoft, and self-proclaimed long-time gamer Wood is reluctant to divulge any of its dark secrets. Even the E3 taster demo experience was more an indication of the project’s general direction than the final gameplay.

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I have added 3 different portraits of Elijah Wood from 2017 Comic Con. You can go to the gallery to take a look to the photos and please, credit this site if you take the pics.

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Gallery Links:
2017 Comic Con Portraits
2017 Comic-Con – “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” Portrait Session
2017 Comic Con Portraits – Los Angeles Times

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I have added some photos of Elijah Wood at the Comic-Con International 2017 to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy! Please, credit this site if you take the pics.

Gallery Links:
Comic-Con International 2017 – “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” BBC America Official Panel
Nintendo At The TV Insider Lounge At Comic-Con International 2017
#IMDboat At San Diego Comic-Con 2017: Day

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First of all, I am so sorry for don’t add these photos before. I needed to think on something about the site. Anyway, here you go! I have added some new photoshoots of Elijah Wood to the gallery. Please, credit this site if you take the pics. Also, I am going to try to update the gallery with tons of old photos that I got so, if you want me to add something special fisrt, please, let me know.

Gallery Links:
The IMDb Studio At The 2017 Sundance Film Festival Featuring The Filmmaker Discovery Lounge: Day Three
Deadline Hollywood Portraits at Sundance Presented by Applegate, Day 2
WireImage Portrait Studio presented by DIRECTV – Day 1
The IMDb Studio At The 2017 Sundance Film Festival
2017 Sundance Film Festival – I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore Portraits
Photoshoot #006
Off Camera (January 2017)

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I have added a few photos of Elijah Wood to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look. Please, credit this site if you take the photos.

Gallery Links:
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (January 23rd, 2017) (Captures)
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (January 23rd, 2017)
Elijah Wood visits SiriusXM

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In 2013, a burglar broke into filmmaker Macon Blair’s New York apartment, stealing his wife’s laptop and grandfather’s antique binoculars.

They were “probably not worth very much, but had great sentimental value to me,” Blair says. Talking to a police detective afterward, “I was like, ‘All right, what do we do next? Fingerprints? Mug shots?’ And he was like, ‘Umm, there’s nothing next, man. This is kind of it.’ ”

The unsolved crime became a springboard for his directorial debut I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, premiering Friday on Netflix, which surprised at last month’s Sundance Film Festival with the top award for fiction films, the dramatic Grand Jury Prize. The movie has gathered 91% positive reviews on RottenTomatoes.com, with critics praising it as “a stellar oddball indie” and “charmingly bizarre.”

Blair’s wish-fulfillment fantasy stars indie favorite Melanie Lynskey as Ruth, a depressed, misanthropic nurse who teams up with her kooky neighbor, Tony (Elijah Wood), to track down her stolen laptop, prescription medication and grandmother’s silverware. What begins as a quirky, dark buddy comedy quickly spirals into a twisty, bloody crime caper, as Ruth and Tony eventually locate the heirloom silver at a sleazy pawn shop and turn up at one of the crook’s homes posing as cops, escalating to a gory, guns-a-blazing showdown.

Writing I Don’t Feel at Home, which Netflix also produced, Blair looked to small-stakes, character-driven crime movies from the 1970s, such as Night Moves and Charley Varrick. He was also inspired by his brutal collaborations with filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier, having starred in his 2014 thriller Blue Ruin and appeared in last year’s Green Room, both of which are equally intense but less absurdist than Blair’s genre-bending feature.

“I really enjoy those wild tonal shifts,” Blair says. “It’s fun for me when something starts in one place and very abruptly shifts into another, like, ‘They’ll be telling this joke in this one (scene) and then the next second, somebody’s going to get their hand blown off.’ ”

Lynskey, who is best known for her comedies with art-house auteurs Joe Swanberg (Happy Christmas) and Mark and Jay Duplass (HBO’s Togetherness), was thrilled by the opportunity to play an action heroine so far removed from the discontented housewives and flailing thirtysomethings she’s often considered for.

It was “incredibly empowering,” Lynskey says. “It was so cathartic for me and just fun. The whole time we were shooting, I was like, ‘I’ve never done anything like this.’ ” Reading the script, “the description of the character was so intriguing. It had nothing to do with what she looks like, it was all about her energy. Quite often you read a script and it’s like, ‘She was a real knockout 10 years ago and now she’s still OK.’ ”

Over the course of the increasingly violent movie, Ruth fires a gun using her teeth, pelts an attacker with rocks and gets her fingers snapped by a peeved shop owner. But the New Zealand actress says her most challenging “stunt” was paddling across a lake to escape a ruthless crime lord.

“I had never really rowed a boat before and it’s hard,” Lynskey says. “That was one thing when I saw the movie, I was like, ‘I don’t look completely ridiculous. That’s a relief.’ ” [Source]

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