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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Midnight, I am the new owner of this Elijah Wood fansite. Please bear with me while I work on this site. There are a few things I would like to change around here and there and also the previous owner didn’t seem to do much (all the categories, other than gallery, aren’t completed). I am a busy person but there will be updates at least twice a month so keep checking back!

Also, if you have any photos of Elijah or his work that I do not have on here, please send them my way to use with 100% full credit! I also went through my affiliates to remove any dead links or links who do not have me linked and ended up with no affiliates 🙁   If you would like to be affiliates, please send me an email at midnightelliott58@gmail.com


Thank you for coming and I hope you visit often for your Elijah needs!

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Elijah Wood was at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival the past days and I have added some photos to the gallery.

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Hello there! Sadly, it is taking me a lot of time to organize all my hard disk and photos. Anyway, I got a few time to upload all the photos that I hae of Elijah from 2016 appearances. I still need to add the photoshoots and some scans. If you have some scans or whatever you want to donate and share with the rest of fans, please, feel free to contact me.

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The Postman returns and he’s on a mission. Prada presents “The Bogey”, the first episode of the Postman Dreams 2 short movies series. Starring Elijah Wood and Emma Roberts, The Postman Dreams 2 is part of the Prada Postman’s Gifts project for the Holiday Season.

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While attending last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con the cast of DIRK GENTLY HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY was in attendance to preview Season 2 and the continuing wacky, outrageous adventures through the twisted timelines. Here is what was gleaned from the interview with stars Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood:

We’re curious exactly where are your characters pickup up on this next season. Is there a time jump?

SAMUEL: It’s like two months later.

What is Todd’s mindset? Is he traumatized by the fact his sister is gone?

ELIJAH: Yeah, Todd is desperately searching for Dirk and desperately searching for his sister with a great deal of conviction and belief in what Dirk stands for. They’re sort of following the universe in that everything is connected and the universe will lead you to where you need to go. Todd was very slow to come on board with that, but he is absolutely fully convinced now.

SAMUEL: But Dirk’s having an existential crisis because Dirk’s finding he has friends. That’s the problem when you have friends is that you have people to care about. Once you have people to care about, they could get hurt and then you could feel sad. Also Dirk’s realizing that he’s kind of misconnecting the fact that his so-called kind of powers and belief in the universe when everyone around him keeps getting hurt because of it. So his thing is that this actually maybe just nonsense. So he’s going to do a complete 180 degree, more to where Todd began — which is, “I don’t want to do this and I think it’s nonsense. I need to really kind of have this crisis about that.”

Todd and Dirk had a really complex relationship throughout the first season. What can you guys tease about how that dynamic will evolve going into Season 2?

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I have added some photos of Elijah Wood at the 2017 New York Comic Con. You can go to the gallery to take a look to the photos.

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Gallery Link:
New York Comic Con – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
October 06th, 2017

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Dirk Gently is returning to BBC America later this fall.

Based on Douglas Adams’ novels, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency will premiere on BBC America on Saturday, October 14 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

While season one explored time travel, with some body-swapping thrown in for good measure, the second season will delve into fantasy, as, according to BBC America, “The vast dangers lurking in the fantasy realm navigate a path to Earth.” Dirk and the show’s crew will have to stop that threat before it can take hold, but to do that, they’ll have to find each other first.

The second season finds Dirk on the new case to “find The Boy,” while the show will continue to delve into how everything, from Blackwing to Bergsberg to the magical land of Wendimoor is all connected.

Season 2’s returning cast includes Barnett, Wood, Jade Eshete as Farah, Hannah Marks as Amanda, Mpho Koaho as Ken, Fiona Dourif as Bart), Dustin Milligan as Friedkin, Michael Eklund as Martin – Rowdy 3, Osric Chau as Vogel – Rowdy 3, Viv Leacock as Gripps – Rowdy 3, and Zak Santiago as Cross – Rowdy 3.

The new season, from showrunner Robert Cooper and creator Max Landis, will also see the introduction of John Hannah as The Mage, Amanda Walsh as Suzie Boreton, Tyler Labine as Sherlock Hobbs, Izzie Steele as Deputy Tina Tevetino, Aleks Paunovic as Wygar Oak, and Alan Tudyk as Mr. Priest. [Source]

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Elijah Wood is featured in the current issue of Empire UK (September 2017). I have added the scans to the gallery. Don’t forget to purchase the magazine. Please, credit this site if you take the scans.

Gallery Link:
Empire UK (September 2017)

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